The Homeland Security Defense Coalition and the Homeland Security University project has lost some great people while awaiting project funding: 

Dr William "Bill" Jenkins

Dr Terry Jackson

Captain John G. Broz, USN (ret.)

Dr. Frederick "Fritz" Budde

William JenkinsWilliam Jenkins, MBA, Ph.D. (can) was our Vice President of Educational Regulatory Affairs for Homeland Security Defense Coalition and a course Instructor and Regulatory Affairs professional with the Homeland Security University. He has spent the last 28 years working in college level education filling a variety of positions within the academic community. Bill started his career upon leaving the US Navy in 1976 where he served as an Electronic Technician in support of the Naval Oceanographic Office.

His career journey began as a Professor of Electronic Technology, working with special needs students in Charleston, South Carolina. Teaching basic and advance electronics theory to minority students where they were often first time college students in their family. This appointment provided the foundation for a successful platform career that continues today.

Seeking to expand his teaching options to include software development and training, Bill joined the faculty of a private college in southern New Hampshire. He completed his Bachelor degree from Franklin Pierce College in Rindge, NH, and included software development and Business Administration. Offering classes in software programming and basic business administration, Bill continued to work with special needs students in the New Hampshire Job Training program (CETA). In addition, he worked with integrating the PC platform into the education arena as a training tool for word-processing, electronic spreadsheet analysis and database development.

In the early 1990s Bill completed his MBA with a concentration in Business Administration from Pfeiffer College in Misenheimer, North Carolina. This provided opportunities for developing course work in faculty development with a focus on using technology in the classroom. Working as the Systems Administrator and Assistant Professor of Computer Information Systems Bill was instrumental in bringing technology to the classroom for every college discipline.

In the following years a number of management positions included Academic Department Chair and Academic Dean for a larger for-profit University system in Florida. This included opportunities in faculty development and supervision, and new program development and implementation.

As technology and the Internet have developed with the introduction to Distance Education/On Line Learning he moved toward this new venue. Today Bill is working with groups across the country to translate on-ground teaching techniques into classes he is teaching in this new environment. He has training with online presentation platforms to provide strong learning experiences for his online students.

During his career, Bill has received numerous recognitions for his platform presence. He served as an Accreditation Visiting Team Specialist for ACICS, and has worked with accrediting campus visits for New England Regional and Southern Association. He also developed and presented training materials at the entry level, intermediate and advanced levels for use with Microsoft Office products in the classroom.

 Terry Jackson, Ph.D. was our Vice President of Curriculum for the Homeland Security Defense Coalition and Professor with the Homeland Security University. Dr. Terry Jackson, a native of northern California, has over 25 years experience in all aspects of the educational arena, and possesses a varied background in several disciplines. She is known for providing excellent results to business professionals who feel passionate about the future of corporate and post-graduate education. She graduated with a Bachelors of Science degree in Computer Science in 1982 from American National University in Phoenix, AZ. In 1983, she received a Masters Degree in Business Administration from ANU and maintained a 4.0 grade average, with emphasis in Computer Design and Total Quality Management. In 1997, she was granted a Ph.D. with Honors in Business Education from the University of Berkeley, with emphasis on Task Analysis and Modularization.

As an educator, she is an adjunct professor at the University of Kentucky, Southern California University, Indiana University Southeast, Earthnet Institute, Canyon College, Sullivan College, and Bellarmine College. She's also taught at Kentucky College of Business, Brannon Business Institute, Spencerian College, Phillips College, Lees College, University of Phoenix, Columbia University Southwest, the JER Group, and the Department of Defense.

Her portfolio of training tools and curriculum includes, but is not limited to, on-site consultation, off-site seminars, career and organizational development, workshops, conferences, curriculum development, trainer assessment, risk analysis, project management, e-commerce, business applications, outsourcing development, and computer technologies. Dr. Jackson is an exceptional facilitator, lecturer, author and motivational speaker. Dr. Jackson keeps you entertained while you are learning new concepts from the simple to the technical. Her approach to learning is exciting and innovative. Dr. Jackson currently works with state and local government agencies, non-profit and private organizations, and various Fortune 500 companies within the Kentuckian area. She also provides distance learning and online training classes of all sizes. Satisfied clients include the Department of Defense (DOD), Pacific Bell, Humana, Touro University, University of Phoenix, LG&E, Jefferson County Public Schools, CP Graphics, Sound Byte Magazine, Franklin University, U.S. Navy Commissary, Southern California University Professional Studies Division, and Bellarmine College.

As a socially active and conscientious citizen, Dr. Jackson has done charity work with the Ronald McDonald House, Muscular Dystrophy Walk-A-Thons, American Cancer Society, Kosairs Children's Hospital, Louisville Metro United Way. She's a licensed travel agent, licensed private detective, certified "train the trainer", a member of the Professional Women's Business Association and Speakers' Bureau of San Jose, CA. She has recently been nominated for the Disney Teacher of the Year Award 2002-2003, and been awarded the Millennium Maker Award for Jefferson County, Kentucky.

 Captain John J. Broz, USN (ret) was the catylist behind HSDC seeking project funding to open 60 training centers that will eventually evolve into college campuses once they meet all educational standards for each location they were opened in. After 9 years of working towards meeting that objective, we lost John when he passed away. His idea was rather than just offering the courses and programs online, why not open many learning centers in the USA and other countries to prevent terrorism.






 Frederick "Fritz" Budde, Ph.D. was an adjunct professor, course designer and developer with the Homeland Security University. Dr. Budde was a Program Manager for the Federal Air Marshal Service, Department of Homeland Security. He was responsible for all aspects of environmental and occupational safety for the employees. He holds a Ph.D. in Environmental and Safety Administration, and a BS in Occupational Safety Engineering, with over 30 years experience in those fields.

Dr. Budde joined Federal service after a successful career in private industry, where he was instrumental in developing guidelines for the transportation of hazardous materials and airline industry security. He taught HAZMAT transportation for many years, and was the owner of one of the largest HAZMAT packaging companies in the New York area.

Dr. Budde has served as the Regional Occupational Safety Manager for the Eastern Region of the Federal Aviation Administration, as a Special Agent with FAA Security and until recently with the Federal Air Marshal Service.

His many years of experience with CBRN and WMD's has led to his being considered an expert in this field, and is often called upon to present at international gatherings of experts.

Dr. Budde was a member The American Board for Certification in Homeland Security (CHS-V) and held positions as a Diplomate in the American Psychotherapy Association as well as holding certifications as a Certified Medical Investigator, Certified in Sensitive Security Information and as a Certified Intelligence Analyst. He was until  recently involved with all aspects of Transportation Security, with emphasis on airline, maritime, truck, bus and rail, and consults to numerous governmental and industry organizations, both internationally and domestically. He was the owner of Intelligence Research Associates.

We honor their service to the Homeland Security Defense Coalition and the Homeland Security University project vision and all they have done to make HSDC and the HSU project what it has become.

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